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How To Buy A Fridge & The Top 10 Fridges In Singapore

Keeping your food fresh and cold is essential in Singapore’s hot climate. But that’s not all you should be looking for in a fridge. The main factors that people should consider before they buy fridges relate to their needs and current living situation. Once you see this bigger picture, you’ll be able to objectively judge each product characteristic instead of getting duped by marketing pizzazz. We’ll discuss these features below, after which we’ll analyse the ten best fridges in the ...

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All You Need to Know About Renovation Loans

You may need a renovation loan for many reasons. For example, you just bought an HDB flat that’s a little… subpar. Or, maybe, your home’s wiring has become faulty during the last few years. So, whether your home needs a complete makeover or just a few touch-ups, consider a renovation loan. Using all – or most – of your savings for renovations is never a good idea. Remember that experts advise people to stash at least their 3-6-month income in ...

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