Licensed Personal Loan Money Lenders in Singapore (7 July 2024 Update)

This list of the best personal loan licensed money lenders in Singapore approved by Ministry of Law (MinLaw) offers loan tenure of up to 36 months.

They are listed as follows (order is not sequential based on any form of rankings):

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    1. Lending Bee Pte. Ltd.

    Lending Bee

    Lending Bee Pte. Ltd. (S/No.: 92, Licence No.: 67/2024) is a well-established financial institution in Singapore that is committed to making a difference in the ways in which people access credit. As a licensed money lender that was given the privilege by MinLaw to pilot alternate business models for money lending, Lending Bee offers unsecured personal loans of up to $300K SGD and longer loan tenures up to 36 months. They are also highly specialised in debt consolidation plans. Currently, Lending Bee is one of the largest licensed money lenders in Singapore with 4 outlets which are located at Orchard, Bedok, Toa Payoh and Jurong East. With many years of experience in the financial industry, the team at Lending Bee is equipped with the skills and knowledge to understand the needs of their customers so as to provide them the best personalised loan package. Lending Bee has also been awarded the FinTech Licence from Singapore FinTech Association (SFA). To expedite the lending process, Lending Bee has also digitalised the lending process and all customers will have their very own online account operated through a mobile application. They will be able to check on their loan status anytime, anywhere. This way, they’ll be able to avoid unnecessary late repayment fees. Call 6219-1611 to speak to their friendly staff today. Click here to visit website and find out more.


    2. Credit 21 Pte. Ltd.

    Credit 21

    Credit 21 Pte. Ltd. (S/No.: 44, Licence No.: 59/2024) is one of the top legal and licensed money lenders for personal loans in Singapore, licensed with the Ministry of Law. They are dedicated to ensuring the best interests of our clients, therefore they ensure that all their transactions are transparent to the borrowers. They have also designed their loan packages to suit the needs of each and every client. With high customer satisfaction as one of their top priority, they have refined their processes to ensure efficiency and the highest possible level of customer service. They also provide one of the low interest rates in Singapore as well as flexible repayment options to make our loans more affordable for their clients. Whether you need a large sum of money for school fees or to buy an asset or smaller sums for emergencies arising such as renovations, fast cash or foreigner loans, Credit 21 is definitely your go-to lender in Singapore. They also allow an online loan application portal, where customers can use as a channel for their next loan application from the comfort of their workstations and at any time. After which, the application will be processed within 8 hours and you will get an instant feedback from them. Need immediate assistance? Call 622-11-811 to speak to their friendly staff today. Click here to visit website and find out more.


    3. GS Credit Pte. Ltd.

    GS Credit

    GS Credit Pte. Ltd. (S/No.: 69, Licence No.: 74/2024) is one of the top licensed money lender in Jurong East, bringing as argument its slew of 5-star reviews from happy customers. Their unique selling proposition is their expert care for financially-challenged individuals in emergencies. That’s easy to notice from GS Credit’s array of loan packages, including low interest personal loans, foreigner loans, bridging loans, and payday loans. These financial products demand less paperwork and are quick, although they offer moderate principal sums. If you need a more considerable amount, you can browse their array of secured loans. The interest rates and tenures are convenient so that the monthly installments won’t make a hole in your budget. Thanks to the expert loan officers skilled in crafting customised repayment schemes with no hidden fees. Need help urgently? Make an online application today. All you need are proofs of identity and income to be eligible. GS Credit is located near Jurong East MRT. Call 6563-0321 to speak to their friendly staff today. Click here to visit website and find out more.


    4. Katong Credit Pte. Ltd.

    Katong Credit

    Katong Credit Pte. Ltd. (S/No.: 87, Licence No.: 9/2024) is a company built on trust and integrity and these attributes have helped them grow tremendously over the years. They have built a diverse pool of clients from all walks of life and this has helped them become one of the most recommended licensed money lenders in Singapore. Accessing a loan in Singapore with poor credit is a nightmare. The banks will instantly reject your application or charge high interest rates. Katong Credit fast cash loan is designed to help you access quick cash. There are many money lenders in the country but they go to extra lengths to ensure that you enjoy their services. Some of their advantages include quick loan processing and custom loan products to suit your unique needs. Their eligibility criteria are also one of the easiest. If you are a foreigner in the city and you are struggling to see the month through, you are in luck as Katong Credit offers affordable foreigner loans as well. Call 6291-2210 to speak to their friendly staff today. Click here to visit website and find out more.


    5. Horison Credit Pte. Ltd.

    Horison Credit

    Horison Credit Pte. Ltd. (S/No.: 74, Licence No.: 8/2024) is one of the most reputable and legally licensed money lenders operating in Singapore. The financing solutions that they provide are tailored to meet the needs of their clients. They offer fast and convenient cash solutions. It is common to encounter financial difficulties, and in such times many people do not have a source from which they can access quick cash. At Horison Credit, they remain sensitive to their clients’ needs where accessing emergency cash is concerned. As one of the top licensed moneylenders in Singapore, you can be assured that they abide by the rules and regulations set by the Ministry of Law, especially where interest rates and repayment plans are concerned. There are several reasons why they are the best option for anyone looking to borrow some quick cash, such as (1) fast processing, (2) simple eligibility requirements and (3) they offer debt consolidation. You can be sure that they will offer you a transparent service that is convenient and fair. Call 6844-2902 to speak to their friendly staff today. Click here to visit website and find out more.


    6. 1AP Capital Pte. Ltd.

    1AP Capital

    1AP Capital Pte. Ltd. (S/No.: 9, Licence No.: 35/2024) is one of the top professional licensed money lenders and credit company specializing in the approval and issuing of Personal Loans, Business Loans, Education Loans, Renovations packages. They comprised of a core group of professionals that provide loans to tailor to all their customers’ needs. They have developed loan packages suited for residents, businesses and foreigners. They are a premier licensed money lender in Singapore with years of combined experience in their team. Customer satisfaction is their main priority and service excellence is what they believe in. If you are looking for fast and reliable access to a loan for any emergencies, they are sure to be able to assist you professionally in providing a suitable loan solution which specially caters to your needs. Need immediate assistance? Call 6533-5335 to speak to their friendly staff today. Click here to visit website and find out more.


    7. U Credit (Pte.) Ltd

    U Credit

    At U Credit (Pte.) Ltd (S/No.: 143, Licence No.: 150/2023), they are proud to offer one of the most affordable interest rates in Singapore, and they pride in being one of the most trusted licensed money lenders for all kinds of unique loan requests. Their loan officers will take you through the payment schedule to ensure you pick the best rate based on your income and financial situation. They invite you to compare their rates with all other money lenders before making your ultimate choice. With U Credit, their customers’ needs always come first and therefore they will always discuss the best loan plans with you based on your finances. As a basic tip, always choose a licensed money lender who offers a fast loan application, low interest rates, tailor-made repayment plan and excellent customer service, and U Credit is definitely one of them. Are you looking for a foreigner loan in Singapore? If at any point you face financial emergencies and do not have any savings for such a rainy day, U Credit will surely be of help to you. Call 6337-1768 to speak to their friendly staff today. Click here to visit website and find out more.


    8. CreditMaster Pte. Ltd.


    CreditMaster Pte. Ltd. (S/No.: 54, Licence No.: 53/2024) is one of Singapore’s esteemed licensed moneylender. They are a Ministry of Law (MinLaw) licensed money lending company that has managed to distinguish itself through 100% customer satisfaction and innovative financial products. They have helped thousands of household owners in the country to access fast and affordable loans without having to endure the frustrations of traditional banks. Their reliability has helped them service thousands of clients, and they pride on getting most of their new businesses from referrals. As a duly licensed moneylender, they are committed to protecting their reputation by offering the best services in the industry. Call 6748-1338 to speak to their friendly staff today. Click here to visit website and find out more.


    9. BST Credit Pte. Ltd.

    BST Credit

    ‘BST’ stands for Begin with Service & Trust. BST Credit Pte. Ltd. (S/No.: 34, Licence No.: 135/2023) is a licensed money lender in Singapore providing fast access to loans to citizens and permanent residents of Singapore, as well as foreigners working in Singapore. They understand that many people are encountering financial difficulties and need quick access to funds in order to address their pressing issues, therefore they make it their mission to provide that helping hand. They have aligned their operations with the requirements of the Moneylenders Act and Rules, and are regulated by the Registry of Moneylenders in Singapore. You can therefore apply for a loan with them with confidence that your interests are well protected. You can trust them to provide you with high standards of service. Call 6299-1782 to speak to their friendly staff today. Click here to visit website and find out more.


    10. Credit Thirty3 Pte. Ltd.

    Credit 33

    Credit Thirty3 [Credit 33] (S/No.: 52, Licence No.: 1/2024) is a legal money lender registered with the Ministry of Law (MinLaw), listed in the Registry of Moneylenders. They have fast cash personal loan plans that can fit every need and any budget. With rates as low as 1% p.m they strive to give their clients the best interest rate for their loan. Being one of the most recommended licensed money lenders in the Orchard area, their loan officers are quick to get you approved and out their door in time to finish what you have set out to do for the day. They take pride in keeping their client’s information safe and secure. To achieve this, they follow top security measures with every client to keep their identity safe. With competitive rates, they have solutions to offer so that their clients can feel confident about the loan they are getting. They have also just moved to Toa Payoh, a 1-minute walk from Toa Payoh MRT. Call 6292-2931 to speak to their friendly staff today. Click here to visit website and find out more.


    Other Loan Facilities:


    Credit Matters Pte. Ltd.

    Credit Matters Pte Ltd Licensed Money Lenders

    Credit Matters Pte. Ltd. (S/No.: 51, Licence No.: 85/2024) is one of the most professional and fully licensed money lenders based in Singapore. They are one of the approved personal loan money lenders by the Ministry of Law to provide loan and money lending services. They mainly provide loans to Singapore residents, PR and foreigners who hold valid Singapore employment passes. Credit Matters offers a myriad of money lending and fast cash loan solutions. With their excellent services, their customers are able to get the money they need within just a few hours and tend to whatever pressing need they have. Their services also extend beyond offering fast cash loan solutions but also giving the best rates of interest in the market. Their aim is to ensure customer satisfaction by offering personalized loans solutions in a time-efficient and hassle-free manner. They cater to all groups of people in Singapore including employed citizens, permanent residents, foreigners as well as nationals who earn variable incomes or entrepreneurial establishments. Need immediate assistance? Call 6636-3233 to speak to their friendly staff today. Click here to visit website and find out more.




    All businesses struggle once in a while with cash flow challenges for a while, especially for younger businesses before they finally stabilize. Managing outflows and inflows is definitely made easier by proper accounting as well as forecasting. From time to time though, you may find that you have need for additional capital. SingBusinessLoan is a great partner during such times. They can extend you the cash needed to get through those times when money is tight. They pride to have a business loan offer for every industry in Singapore. Need financial help with your current business day-to-day? From paying staff and vendors to investing in new ventures, they are here to assist you with the funding that your company needs. Click here to visit website and find out more.


    Hong Leong Finance Limited


    With over 50 years of experience in serving the SME community, Hong Leong Finance Limited has supported many local enterprises with customised financing solutions to enable them to operate successfully in the corporate world. To help their corporate customers gain greater business efficiency, Hong Leong Finance launched the Business Current Account in 2007 and became the only finance company here to offer chequeing account services. Hong Leong Finance is also a pioneer in the Local Enterprise Finance Scheme administered by Spring Singapore and the exclusive finance company in Singapore with full sponsorship status for the SGX Catalist Board, enabling us to provide financial advisory and fund raising services to SMEs aiming to list on Catalist. With our strong commitments towards the SMEs, HLF was twice conferred the “Friends of Enterprise” award by the Spirit of Enterprise. Hong Leong Finance believe in maintaining the trust and confidence that their customers have in them by consistently developing and enhancing their capabilities to better serve their diverse customer base and be a financial partner of choice.


    Singapura Finance Ltd

    Singapura Finance Ltd

    Singapura Finance Ltd equips their customers with product literature and their relationship managers will assist their customers in making an informed decision. They understand their needs and package practical deals to suit their lifestyle and fulfill their dreams. Singapura Finance Ltd continues to engage their customers’ needs in bringing their every vision into reality. Some of the loan products they provide includes housing loans, pleasure craft loan (such as owning a luxury yacht), safe deposit boxes, car loans, gold share loans, wise share loans, land and construction loans etc. For corporate banking, they are providing products such as vessels financing, dealership financing, vehicle financing, equipment loans, and more.

  – The Best Money Lender Guide in Singapore is a non-biased licensed Singapore money lender guide covering licensed moneylenders across Singapore with numerous funding sources such as hedge funds, mortgage pools, private equity groups and others.

    Top licensed personal loan money lenders offer loans to people that need them. People prefer to work with them because the loans are quick and the process of application is simple. There are numerous moneylenders in the market offering the same services. However, it is extremely important to choose the right moneylender for you as an individual. The Money Lender in Singapore that you use will determine the quality of services that you get and ultimately the experience that you have.

    To be listed as a top moneylender, the company need to provide various types of financial loans to Singaporeans, permanent residents of Singapore as well as foreigners that are working and living in Singapore. It’s ultimate goal needs to be helping their customers cope with any financial emergencies that may crop up in their lives.

    Therefore the loan company must offer a wide range of comprehensive financial products to help different people in different circumstances. Most importantly, if a borrower is looking for a comprehensive service provider, they can look based on the fact that it offers a wide range of services that includes (1) reasonable interest rates on loans (2) flexible repayment plans (3) friendly customer service (4) financial advice (5) loan advice and free quotations.


    Important Guidelines for Licensed Moneylenders by the Ministry of Law

    The Ministry of Law in Singapore has set strict rules and regulations to govern the moneylending industry and protect borrowers. These laws came into effect in October 2015. Understanding these laws and regulations will help you avoid being defrauded. 

    Licensed moneylenders are required to adhere to the following guidelines: 

    • Interest rates on loans are to be calculated based on reducing balance interest rate. This means that your maximum interest rate per month is 4%, no more than that.
    • Moneylenders can no longer use compound interest on loans. They must use reducing balance interest and will therefore use an interest rate of 4% or less to calculate the interest on your remaining monthly repayments.
    • Licensed moneylenders are only allowed to charge an administrative fee on loans. There should be no other extra charges. This administrative fee should not exceed 10% of the principal loan amount and is charged immediately once your loan application is approved.
    • Moneylenders cannot charge more than $60 as late fee payment per month. Interest rates on late fee payments should not exceed 4%.
    • Interest can only be charged on repayments that are still unpaid or late. Interest should not on those that you have already paid.
    • The total fees charged by the moneylender (i.e. administrative fees, late repayment fees and interest rates) should not exceed the total principal of the loan you have been approved for.

    These guidelines have been put in place to protect your interests when borrowing from a moneylender. If a moneylender fails to follow these guidelines, they should be reported to the Ministry of Law.


    Process of Choosing the Best Personal Loan Money Lenders

    Choosing the right moneylender for yourself is actually a tedious process. There are several things that you need to check when choosing a moneylender. These things include:

    License and accreditation

    It is important to work with a money lender that is licensed with the government. A licensed moneylender has met the requirements set by the government for this type of business.

    This means that any services that the lender gives you meet the legal requirements. It also means that in case of any dispute, you can always follow up with the authorities because they have a database of licensed moneylenders. Accreditation is given by professional bodies and a moneylender that has accreditation is a professional.

    Terms and conditions

    The terms and conditions that the licensed money lenders provides will be the blueprint of the contract you sign. It states the amount, interest rate and the repayment plan. It is advisable to work with a moneylender that is flexible and offers you terms and conditions that suit your financial position. You should ensure that you understand the terms and conditions offered because the contract you make is legally binding.


    All licensed money lenders will charge you a fee for their personal loan services. It is important to know the amount that the licensed money lenders are charging you prior to working with it. Licensed money lenders set their own fee and it is important to check and find one that is affordable.

    You can compare the charges of different licensed moneylenders before you choose the one you want to use.


    The reputation of your moneylender is extremely important. You need to choose someone that you will enjoy interacting with. The reviews of moneylenders from previous customers can help you deduce the type of person that you want to work with. It is important to choose a moneylender with a good reputation.

    It is advisable when choosing moneylenders to compare their services. This is the best way to get excellent services from a wide pool of moneylenders available in the market.


    Important Note: Protect Yourself from Unlicensed Money Lenders in Singapore

    Citing from the Ministry of Law, Licensed money lenders are disallowed to solicit for loans via text messages, phone calls or social media platforms.

    Licensed money lenders are required to perform face-to-face verification of borrowers at their approved place of business when granting loans.

    If you have received a text message or phone call asking you to take up a loan, especially without having to turn up at an approved place of business at all, it is likely that an unlicensed moneylender has approached you.

    It is observed that unlicensed moneylenders have been approaching potential borrowers via text messages or phone calls, to ask the persons to transfer monies on the pretext of paying the administration or processing fees, before the disbursement of a loan.

    Members of public are strongly advised not to respond to such messages or calls and to desist from dealing with unlicensed moneylenders.

    Report possible unlicensed moneylending activities to the Police hotline at 1800-255-000, or submit the information online at Members of the public may also call the National Crime Prevention Council’s “X Ah Long” hotline at 1800-924-5664.

    It pays to be careful when you seek a loan from a moneylender even after verifying that they are licensed and accredited. The moneylender should not require you to leave any personal documents in their possession. This includes credit reports.

    All documents should be returned to you once the loan officer has confirmed the information they contain. Moneylenders that seek to hold on to your documents are fraudulent.

    Do not share your password with anyone. If you need to log into government websites, you should do so yourself. The moneylender should not ask you for your password at any stage of the process.

    Protect yourself while seeking a loan from a moneylender. This will in turn help to protect your financial interests. You should only deal with a licensed moneylender.

    We will help you find the right moneylender to suit your needs. We’ve done all the work so that you can identify the right moneylender quickly and effortlessly. We’ve done the research and narrowed down your choices to the top moneylenders. You don’t have to go through the hassle of comparing agencies to find the right one for you.

    We know just how frustrating it can be to find a good lender when you’re feeling the brunt of financial pressures in life. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide you with the latest news and reviews on moneylenders in Singapore. You can quickly identify the right moneylender right from the comfort and privacy of your home.

    Frequently Asked Questions: What You Need to Know

    Q1: What is a money lender?

    In Singapore, a money lender is a licensed individual or company that provides loans. They are regulated by the Moneylenders Act and must adhere to specific rules, including caps on interest rates and fees. Moneylenders are required to provide clear loan contracts and follow guidelines to protect borrowers, ensuring fair practices and transparent terms. It’s important for borrowers to verify that a moneylender is licensed and understand the loan terms before proceeding.

    Q2: How much can I borrow from money lender in Singapore?

    For unsecured loans, this is how much you can borrow:

    Borrower’s Annual IncomeSingapore Citizens and Permanent ResidentsForeigners Residing in Singapore
    Less than $10,000$3,000$500
    At least $10,000
    and less than $20,000
    At least $20,0006 times monthly income6 times monthly income

    Q3: How can I confirm if a moneylender is licensed in Singapore?

    To ensure you’re dealing with a licensed moneylender, verify their credentials against the official list of licensed moneylenders from the Registry of Moneylenders’s website by the Ministry of Law. Borrowing from unlicensed moneylenders is strongly discouraged.

    Q4: What are the warning signs that a moneylender may be unlicensed?

    Even if a moneylender appears to be licensed, caution is advised. Be wary if they:

    • Employ abusive language or act in a threatening manner.
    • Request your SingPass user ID and/or password.
    • Hold onto your NRIC card or any personal identification documents (e.g., driver’s licence, passport, work permit, employment pass, or ATM card).
    • Ask you to sign an incomplete or blank contract.
    • Provide a loan without furnishing a copy of the contract or failing to adequately explain the terms and conditions.
    • Approve a loan without due diligence, such as offering a loan over the phone, SMS, or email before processing your application and supporting documents.
    • Withhold any portion of the principal loan amount without a valid reason.

    Q5: What should I do if I encounter these practices?

    These practices are unacceptable and should prompt immediate action. If you face such issues, report the moneylender to the Registry of Moneylenders. Provide details such as the moneylender’s business name, licence number, and contact information. This helps in safeguarding not only your rights but also those of others in the community.


    Knowledge Corner

    Things You Should Know on Borrowing:

    Minimum Period for RepaymentFrom 2 months (8 weeks)
    Maximum Period for RepaymentUp to 36 months
    Minimum Annual Percentage RateFrom 1.20% per annum
    Maximum Annual Percentage RateUp to 48% per annum on reducing interest rate

    Sample Representation of Loan:

    Total Loan Amount BorrowedSGD 10,000
    Time Period *12 Months
    Interest Rate **1% Per Month
    Annual Percentage Rate of Charge (APR) **12% APR or 1% NIR
    Total Cost Payable Per Annual *** (Excluding Loan Principle)SGD 1,200

    * Time period is from minimum period of 2 months to maximum period of 48 months.
    ** Interest Rate may vary up to a maximum of 4% per month, depending on loan amount and period of repayment.
    *** Total Cost Payable exclude administrative fee. Cost stated is an estimation and may vary due to loan amount, period of loan and other fees such as late fee and late interest rate may be charged in the event of violation on terms & conditions.

    For more details, please contact the respective licensed money lenders for personal loans above.

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