Keeping your food fresh and cold is essential in Singapore’s hot climate. But that’s not all you should be looking for in a fridge.

The main factors that people should consider before they buy fridges relate to their needs and current living situation. Once you see this bigger picture, you’ll be able to objectively judge each product characteristic instead of getting duped by marketing pizzazz.

We will also help you consider costs as we all have other bills to pay.

We’ll discuss these features below, after which we’ll analyse the ten best fridges in the market today. Keep reading below!

Things To Consider Before Buying A Fridge

What To Consider Before Buying A Fridge Singapore Fast Cash Personal Loan

Instead of just rushing into a home appliance store or getting a fridge shipped, there are a few things you need to know. If not, you will make a wasted trip.

Here’s what you’ll have to keep an eye out for:


Houses in Singapore are small. There’s a limit to how big your fridge can be.

The space you have tells you how big a fridge you can purchase. Finding out the dimensions of your potential fridge from the get-go saves you a lot of hassle as you’re reading online reviews. That’s because you can immediately check each product’s dimensions before reading their full description.

Also, you avoid falling in love with a mammoth that will never fit your kitchen.

Your Family Size

Each person in a house would need about 100-150 litres of fridge capacity. So, if you’re living with a partner, consider a 250-300-litre fridge. If you’re living in a family of four, consider a 450-600-litre fridge.

The more often you eat cooked meals, the larger your fridge’s capacity. However, if you and yours eat out often, you can make do with a smaller refrigerator.

Fridge Type

There are four types of freezes to consider:

– Top freezer: freezer above and fridge below. This is the cheapest option, but it’s the lowest on features.

– Bottom freezer: freezer on the bottom and fridge above. They’re cheap but less energy efficient.

– Side-by-side fridges: they’re large and feature-packed with intelligent features, touch screens, or ice dispensers. However, these fridges are expensive.

– French-door fridges: they have four doors so that they can save energy. These products are best if you want a large fridge but a smaller freezer. These models are also feature and function-packed, so get your cash ready.

Premium Features

The features below will make your life much easier:

1. Convertible freezer: sometimes your fridge is empty and your freezer too full – or vice-versa. If this situation is common for you, a refrigerator with a convertible freezer can help because you can use these compartments however you like.

2. Precise temperature control: best for seafood, wine, and cheese. Accurate temperature control allows you to prolong these items’ shelf life.

3. Water and ice dispensers: if you like to drink ice water, filling up bottles and freezing them can be a chore – or a disaster if you forget to do this one day. However, a water and ice dispenser on the fridge would give you ice water instantly.

4. Smart fridges: these products feature Wi-Fi connections and touchscreens. These features allow you to control the temperature more accurately, browse recipes, and even write grocery lists.

5. Quick chill: this function is perfect if your friends just popped up with a few beers and you need to chill them quickly. Also, the quick-chill part is a god-send if you’re making frequent no-bake recipes. These recipes usually need overnight refrigeration before you can enjoy them, but the quick-chill feature will make them ready faster.

6. Instaview: no, this isn’t about posting your meals on Instagram. Instead, you can see what’s in your fridge without opening the doors. This feature is best if you’re the kind of person who can’t decide what to eat without opening the fridge – and possibly leaning on the door for five to ten minutes.

Energy Efficiency

The more ticks, the better!

The National Environment Agency of Singapore attaches an Energy Label to all refrigerators you can buy in Singapore. The highest rating of 4 is the most energy-efficient, whereas 1 is the lowest.

The label on your fridge also tells you how much energy your fridge will need each year, and you’ll also infer the cost. So, with energy prices skyrocketing on the island, a 3-4-rated fridge will probably be your best choice.


10 Best Fridges In Singapore For You To Choose From

Now that you know the theory of how to buy fridges let’s see that information in practice.

1. Panasonic NR-BX468XSS1 Fridge

Panasonic NR-BX468XSS1 is best for a family of three because it has a 450L capacity.

But, if you read so far, you know that bottom-freezers are less energy efficient. So why do we even recommend this Panasonic model in the first place?

Well, its smart eco sensors save you more watts compared to standard bottom freezers.

Besides, the NR-BX468XSS1 is highly user-friendly, with its 3-compartment bottom freezer that doesn’t let your ice cream and frozen meat touch. Basically, NR-BX468XSS1 is a no-frills fridge, but it’s made by a trustworthy brand, so you know it’s reliable in the long term.


The Beko Top Freezer Fridge is another good model for a family of two or three people. It doesn’t take much space in your home and boasts a 2-tick eco-friendly certification.

But there’s more:

Even if Beko RDNT401E50VZK is considered a cheap fridge, its feature-packed with:

– NeoFrost Dual Cooling, HarverstFresh, and EverFresh Technologies to keep your food fresh at the right temperature

– Auto defrost to save you maintenance hassles

– Anti-bacterial odour filter and anti-bacterial gasket

– External electronic display

– Safety glass

– Alarm for forgetting your door open

Other than that, Beko RDNT401E50VZK looks slick and elegant in your kitchen, thanks to its dark inox design.

3. Samsung RS68N8322S9/SS 617L Twin Cooling Plus 2-Door Refrigerator

This fridge’s 617-litre capacity makes it perfect for large families – or, you know, if you like to eat a lot. You’ll appreciate its features too:

– SpaceMax Technology™: ensures your fridge has 100-litre extra storage capacity without looking bigger on the outside. Basically, this Samsung fridge is something like Doctor Who’s Tardis – it’s bigger on the inside.

– Twin Cooling Plus™: your food can maintain its freshness twice as much as other fridges because the separate cooling systems can maintain an optimal temperature in the refrigerator and freezer.

– Precise Chef Cooling™: this technology ensures optimal insulation from the environment. As a result, your food will stay fresh and perfectly cold even when the temperatures are rising.

– Non-plumbing I&W Dispenser: you can install the fridge anywhere in your house without dealing with any plumbing.

4. LG GS-Q6278NS Fridge

The LG GS-Q6278NS is the best fridge if you want to see what’s inside without opening the doors. Yes, this is one of those fridges with Instaview we told you about earlier.

Just knock on your fridge’s door twice, and the glass panel doors become see-through.

How neat is that?

Besides, you’ll adore the built-in wine rack if you enjoy an occasional glass. That way, you won’t have to buy an additional wine fridge.

And of course, the LG GS-Q6278NS Fridge has all the features you’d expect from a high-tech fridge, including bacterial control and temperature control to keep your food fresh for longer.

5. Mitsubishi Fridge MR-V45EG

This Mitsubishi MR-V45EG is the best fridge in the mid-tier price range because it sports many features you usually see only with expensive models.

For example, the Multi-Air Flow Cooling ensures that your fruits, veggies, and meats are kept fresh and cool. Besides, even if this fridge is considered small-ish at 343 litres, your food doesn’t have to touch; you can store it neatly within the fridge’s three compartments.

6. Mitsubishi MR-WX61Z-P-P484L 6 Door Fridge

This Mitsubishi MR-WX61Z-P-P484L is a feature-packed French-door fridge, and you can see that from its price tag.

Firstly, this fridge has a three energy label rating and uses 358 kWh/ year. That’s very little energy consumption for a 605-litre fridge.

You’ll also like the features.

You get soft and hot freezing, super cool chilling, auto-ice making, plus clean ice. There’s also an anti-bacterial food liner and anti-mould gasket.

Now for the unique selling proposition: this fridge features a Neuro Inverter that can actually sense the patterns in your home and operate accordingly. That way, this fridge saves you more energy and keeps your food fresher than other products.

7. PowerPac 2 Door Mini Fridge PPF85

The PowerPac PPF85 is the cheapest fridge in this review, but it’s also the smallest. It only has an 85-litre capacity, so it fits single people who eat out often.

But even if this model is cheap, it doesn’t mean the fridge is cheaply made. In fact, it’s compact and stylish; it’s potent and can keep your food fresh long enough. And better yet, it boasts an anti-bacterial carbon filter that stops bacteria from growing on your food.

8. Electrolux ETB3400HH

Electrolux ETB3400HH is one of the best fridges from this reputable brand because it has all the bells and whistles to keep your food fresh. Besides, customer reviews rave about its excellent freezing capabilities.

Let’s see what you can expect:

– Consistent cool air circulation: ensures airflow so that your food doesn’t become stale

– Tasteguard: this technology gets rid of bacteria and the odour they cause

– FlexStor: this design allows you to arrange the little baskets inside the fridge however you want to. That way, you can customise the fridge’s interior to your needs – for example, if you have more tall and large items

9. Fisher & Paykel Fridge RF610ADX4

One of the biggest problems when living in a large family is that people constantly open the fridge, which can deteriorate your food. However, Fisher & Paykel RF610ADX4 is the best fridge for a family of four people who want to keep their food fresh all the time.

That’s thanks to the ACTIVESMART™ FOODCARE technology that adjusts the airflow around your food even when people keep opening the fridge door.

Besides, you get accurate humidity control, anti-fingerprint coating, a spill-safe design, plus flexible shelving.

10. Smeg FAB28RDRB3

Smeg FAB28RDRB3 is the best fridge if you want to build a 50’s design kitchen. It has just one door, but that doesn’t affect the temperature in the freeze.

Besides, you’re not getting this fridge for its features – which are relatively basic, to be honest. You’re getting two flexible shelves but just one compartment for fruit and veggies. The main reason you’d get this refrigerator is its sleek looks that will make your kitchen shine.


Financing Your Fridge Purchase 

Many of these fridges above are packed with bells and whistles that make your life easier. Besides, these mid-tier or high-tier fridges save you energy and prevent bacteria from growing on your food.

Regardless of whether you cook or not, you will definitely need a fridge. You need an efficient fridge to store your drinks, keep your food fresh and stow away some snacks!

Sometimes, it may be very expensive to buy a fridge that suits your needs, especially when you have other loans to repay. For example, the loan you took for your interior design and home renovation.

Let Singapore Fast Cash Personal Loan help you now!

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